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AQUATIRIS Sanitation Gardens

How does it work ?

An eco-friendly solution for residential & commercial properties not connected to the public sewer network


Who are we ?

AQUATIRIS designs and creates sanitation gardens since 2007. Our network is composed of 46 design offices and 120  landscapers all over France.
Certified in France through CSTB - organisation providing certification services for the construction industry - AQUATIRIS concept was tested to treat effluents in all conditions and successfully met the standards. Today, AQUATIRIS wants to export its eco-friendly model all over Europe and shares its knowledge with you.


Who are our users ?


• HOME OWNERS: if you are building a new house or revamping an old one which is not connected to the public sewer network, you may want to learn more about alternative eco-friendly solution which can efficiently replace the conventional septic tank.
• DESIGNER, SURVEYOR, LANDSCAPER AND ARCHITECT: are you interested in finding new domestic wastewater treatment systems for your clients and belonging to our network of eco-orientated partners? 


Don't delay, get in touch with us! 
You can send us an email : info[at]aquatiris.fr

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