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Agriculture and agribusiness

Our system can also be used efficiently to treat agricultural effluents and also from food production such as dairy and meat processing plants, cider works, honey processing, etc. Don’t hesitate to discuss your business and needs with us.

An installation at a dairy farm


Farm buildings should also be equipped with sewage treatment facility to treat the waste water effluent composed of white water, green, or brown. Different effluents will require a specific design based on the type of waste, and the type of farm and animals being raised and can also be suitable for other situations such as dog kennels and zoos.

You might be surprised to know what types of waste water are suitable to be treated with reed beds and plant filters, such as food industry effluents and waste water containing detergents and hydrocarbons.

In all these cases, your Aquatiris design team will analyse your unique situation to offer the phyto-purification system adapted to the project.