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Our Knowledge and Expertise

Our profession is phyto-purification: treating wastewater with plants.


An installation in progress

AQUATIRIS is a network of professionals who specialise in phyto-purification: the design and construction of systems that treat wastewater using plants. In December 2011, after thorough testing, our systems obtained approval from the French authorities. With its network of design offices and approved installers, AQUATIRIS offers a comprehensive service, from design to implementation.

For any project, you will need a survey and then the design approved by the local authority.

What we offer

An on-site visit, which will establish:
- specific site conditions, such as a topographical survey, a soil survey and percolation tests
- your specific needs

A technical report, which will contain:
- A design proposal: existing data, dimensions and plans
- A user guide describing the principles of our systems and their implementation.
- A maintenance manual: in pictures, easy to understand, describing the specific maintenance for each installation, tips and tricks, a plant guide and a maintenance schedule.

Support during the Installation:
- Introducing you to one of our AQUATIRIS certified installers.
- An examination at the end of the installation carried out by the AQUATIRIS design office to ensure that it has been completed correctly.

After care:


- our installations Sanitation Gardens® are guaranteed for 10 years
- we can provide analytical follow ups on request
- our installers can assist with any maintenance on request