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Treat your waste water with plants

Why choose reed beds to clean wastewater from your home?

Whether for the effectiveness of the system or for the eco-friendly reason, the phytopurification prove to be an alternative very persuasive compare to other waste water treatment.


Reed beds for Domestic Waste Water Treatment


The first experiments on reed beds were made in the early 50’s by the Professor of Biology Käte SEIDE, who carried out research on reed beds. She highlight the intense biological activity of the interface areas (water / earth, earth / air, edges, riverbanks, hedges, ribs etc).

In the reed beds we try to recreate the optimal interface conditions to maximise biological activity and therefore good purifying conditions.

Reed beds doesn’t need a big surface, this technique is suitable for domestic and collective waste water treatment.

An effective system which answer to an ecological approach


The phytopurification professionals are driven by values of the environment and sustainability. This system has got severals advantages:

> Locally sourced products

> Local design offices and installers

> The creation of a useful compost on site

> A sustainable system

> An all-year efficient system

> No smell

Reed beds save from


> sludge pollution creation, pollution due to materials transport

> an energy consuming system

> a complex and unsuitable system for the user