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Budget, grants and financial assistance

Budget, grants and financial assistance

All the answers to your questions about sanitation and phyto-purification.

Who can get the zero rate eco-loan (eco PTZ)?

Anyone wishing to refurbish their old non-collective sanitation system or replace it with a new one that does not consume energy can receive the zero rate eco-loan (eco-PTZ).

The loanable amount must not exceed €10,000 and the repayment period may be spread over three to ten years. Visit your bank to apply.

Only state-owned banks are partnering with this initiative.

Are there any grants to refurbish my sanitation?

Grants mainly cover the refurbishment of existing NCS systems and not the connection of new ones. There are different grants available depending on the body:

Water supply agency: some water supply agencies offer a grant to refurbish individual sanitation facilities, diagnosed by SPANC as “at risk” or “absent”.

National Housing Agency (ANAH): since 2013, the grant has been awarded subject to conditions of resources and in addition to assistance from the water supply agency. The maximum rate of assistance is 50% of the amount eligible for the grant. The amount eligible for the grant may not exceed €50,000 for all renovation work on the home. For sanitation, these grants only cover refurbishment work on existing systems.

Pension fund: assistance granted for work to improve your main home. To benefit from it, you must receive a pension through the general scheme. This grant is only available for work undertaken on the owner’s main residence. The amount of this assistance is calculated according to the total cost of the work as well as the owner’s resources.

Departmental council: some departmental councils support refurbishment projects through municipalities. Assistance can therefore be offered to owners.

Municipalities and municipality communities: some municipalities and municipality communities subsidise refurbishment projects. SPANC can provide you with information on the various assistance available.

For any public assistance or grants, talk to your local SPANC or town hall. You will then be informed of the assistance available and eligibility criteria.

What are the different existing grants and assistance?

Individuals undertaking work to refurbish their personal sanitation system may possibly benefit from various financial assistance from:

    • The National Housing Agency (ANAH)
    • The CAF
    • Pension funds
    • The ADEME
    • Water supply agencies
    • The General Directorate of Public Finances
    • Municipalities and Municipality Communities
    • Departmental Councils

How much does it cost compared to a traditional system like a septic tank?

The cost varies depending on region, the work to be done and the desired finishes.

Compared to other systems (septic tanks, micro-stations, etc.), the budget is only the initial investment. Once installed, an Aquatiris Sanitation Garden is autonomous and durable: there is no emptying, no maintenance to be done by a professional, no plants to buy again and no replacement of the installation.

The Sanitation Garden will have a lifespan comparable to that of the house.