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All the answers to your questions about sanitation and phyto-purification.

Who should I contact in the event of a problem? An after-sales service?

We invite you to contact your local expert who is your preferred intermediary. You can find their email and telephone contact details on the contractual documents and on the website through our directory.

If you do not receive a reply, you can contact the Aquatiris after-sales service on (+33) 02 99 54 56 21.

I’m installing an Aquatiris Sanitation Garden myself. Am I still covered? Is the approval still valid in this case?

Your Aquatiris Sanitation Garden built by you is indeed an approved system as soon as the Aquatiris expert declares it compliant upon completion of the work. That is why it is important to respect site support from an Aquatiris professional.

Regarding insurance, you will benefit from ten-year insurance on the design of the system as soon as you have the study carried out by an Aquatiris expert. This insurance does not cover the construction of the Sanitation Garden, since it is not installed by a network professional. Parts ordered from Aquatiris have a ten-year parts only warranty.

I'm having an Aquatiris Sanitation Garden built at home. Is my installation insured (RDC) and/or guaranteed?

Yes, your Sanitation Garden is covered by the ten-year insurance (RCD) of the Aquatiris expert who designed your system (and of the Aquatiris installer who built it). In addition, the company Aquatiris guarantees the parts it supplies for two years parts and labour, extended to ten

Ten years for the parts of the Aquatiris kit (details on your invoice) and two years for the installation of these parts.

What are the insurance and warranties for Aquatiris systems?

Each Aquatiris expert is covered by the Aquatiris network’s ten-year insurance. They are responsible for designing* the Aquatiris Sanitation Garden and the manufacturer inspection.

*site limitations, administrative limitations, installation, sizing, discharge, etc.

The Aquatiris installer is also covered by ten-year insurance. They are responsible for the execution of the work and undertake to create an Aquatiris Sanitation Garden® in accordance with our specifications.

In the event of self-installation, the private individual who carries out the work themself must follow the instructions given by the Aquatiris expert, and they must be supervised by a professional from the Aquatiris network (expert or installer), who will perform several site visits during installation. They benefit from ten-year insurance on the design of the Aquatiris Sanitation Garden *, but not on the installation of the system (as they do it themself).

In addition, Aquatiris supplies essential parts for the proper functioning of the installation.

These parts are guaranteed for two years parts and labour; warranty extended to ten years for the parts only. The self-installer benefits from the ten-year warranty on Aquatiris parts (parts only).