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The story of Aquatiris come from the meeting of the three founders, now co-managers of the LLC: Edwige LE DOUARIN, Alain L'HOSTIS and Martin WERCKMANN. The story continues with the network development: the added value from the men and women who join the network each year; and the evolution of a common know-how which becomes more refined a little more each day.

1992  Martin works at REEB workshop, design office specialised in collective reed beds.

2001  Martin answers to householders about reed beds demand with AQUAterre association.

2005  Edwige represents AQUAterre in Ille et Vilaine with the company: AQUAterre Bretagne. This is how she designs reed beds for Alain’s house.

2006  They explain the idea of a design office network to Alain who was advisor for companies’ creation.

2007  AQUATIRIS was created 02/07/2007 as a design office franchise and an installer’s network.
LLC with a capital of €18000
3 shareholders : Martin WERCKMANN, Edwige LE DOUARIN and Alain L'HOSTIS.

2010  AQUATIRIS engages in the validation process of the 5PE system on the CSTB platform (Scientific and Technical Center in Construction Industry), in Nantes.

2011  December 2011 : French Agreement for Sanitation Garden VF+HF 5 PE

2014  April 2014 : extrapolation of the French Agreement valid for 3 to 20 PE

AQUATIRIS’s founders : Martin WERCKMANN, Edwige LE DOUARIN and Alain L'HOSTIS