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Houses grouped together

It is possible to treat the effluent of several houses together with a single installation of appropriate size.
A system for a dwelling house and guesthouse together

Houses grouped together

It is sometimes desirable to treat the effluent of several neighbouring buildings together. This is possible, using one single, but larger, installation of reed and plant filters dimensioned appropriately.

For example:

  • A single owner of several buildings, such as a dwelling house along with holiday homes for rent.
  • Several neighbouring owners who want to share their sanitation. 

The advantages: A single installation of reed beds and plant filters for several buildings in common provides savings in terms of the land required and overall cost. In the case of one owner, this is easy to arrange. However, when several different homeowners are concerned, this requires reaching agreement on choosing the location (on whose land), rights of access for all owners and the sharing of costs (initial and ongoing) and responsibility for maintenance.