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Our products

Aquatiris is the first national network specialising in phyto-purification. Your Aquatiris expert will be able to recommend the solution that suits you best.

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Phyto-purification: the only sanitation solution you can show people around!

Have you seen these beautiful flowers? This is my sanitation! Take a closer look!

Sanitation is not a very well known or very exciting sector, but adding some plants changes everything!
Phyto-purification is the only wastewater treatment system that takes the form of a garden integrated perfectly into your landscape. That is why we naturally called them Jardins d’Assainissement, or how to combine business with pleasure.

Visually, they are beds of flowers and plants, and nothing more. And yet, all the treatment of your wastewater from the kitchen, toilet, bathroom and laundry happens there in the garden without a septic tank.

You will amaze your friends and neighbours, as this is the place to visit!


How does it work?

No septic tank, no emptying

All our sanitation systems use the microorganisms naturally present in the soil and in wastewater to “eat” and digest what we discharge from the kitchen, bathroom and toilet. Our waste is a resource for an entire living ecosystem!
There is no tank in the. That is good news for odours, as there is no need to empty foul-smelling sludge! And, what’s more, there are plants. So, what is their role?

It is well known that, without plants or organic matter, soil becomes a desert of sand where few organisms can live: plants improve its structure and allow life. The same process takes place in phyto-purification: the wastewater passes through a mass of gravel, sand and plant roots, which provide an ideal living environment for a multitude of micro-organisms that will feed on our waste. The more there are, the more they eat and therefore the less is left in the wastewater.

Plants also have a mechanical role that prevents clogging, the sworn enemy of sanitation. The action of the wind, the growth of plants and the activity of micro-organisms and earthworms mean the sand is always “in motion”, allowing water to pass through.


A green citizen approach

With an efficient system

Phyto-purification professionals are driven by the values of respect for the environment and sustainability. Such a system thus offers several advantages:

  • Locally sourced products
  • Local experts and installers
  • The production of recycled compost on site
  • A durable system so you don’t have to redo any work
  • An efficient facility all year round
  • No odour

Sanitation Garden

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Rains Garden

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