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Stages of the project

The stages of the project

Sprout your sanitation project with Aquatiris.

Design study
  • Site visit
  • Plot and soil study
  • Taking your landscaping wishes into account
  • Delivery of the personalised study

Who? The study can be carried out directly by Aquatiris or by a sanitation design office.

  • Regulatory compliance of the project and suitability of the proposed system

    Who? Public Service for Non-Collective Wastewater Treatment (SPANC)

Installation work
  • Installation work or self-installation support
  • Delivery of the warranty certificate (ten years) after manufacturer inspection

    Who? Aquatiris and its network of trained installers

  • Inspection of the compliance of the works with the project

    Who? Public Service for Non-Collective Wastewater Treatment (SPANC)

And after the work?
  • Gardener-type maintenance

    Who? Done by you or by Aquatiris, who will always be at hand

Take action?

We support you locally from the study to the creation of your project.