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Floating house, barge or floating tourist accommodation, the Phytoisland purifies your wastewater by phyto-purification and adapts to your aquatic environment.

Phytoinsel 13

The first green and living sanitation system for individual and leisure floating homes

The Phytoisland is an adaptation of Sanitation Garden for floating homes. Do you need sanitation for your barge or floating home? Do you want to recycle water by purifying it before discharging it into the river or lake? Do you want an attractive sanitation solution that blends in with your environment?

Adjustable according to the type of housing

Phytoinsel 12

Phytoisland annexed

The treatment happens on a floating and planted annex. The system is suitable for waterfowl refuge and fish rearing.

Phytoinsel 11

Phytoisland integrated

The treatment happens under the floating home in planted tanks. The system forms a decorative element on the dock of the dwelling.

Phytoinsel 10

Phytoisland terraced

The treatment happens under an annexed floating terrace and around the perimeter in planted tanks. The system is designed as a real living space.


Phyto-purification: wastewater treatment system using planted filters made of reeds and aquatic plants to return the purified water to its natural environment.

Phytoinsel Aquatiris princp


  • Adaptation to load variations (absence, second home, etc.)
  • No chemical reagent
  • Very low operating cost
  • No sludge to empty
  • Simple gardener-type maintenance
  • Landscape integration
  • Biodiversity garden
  • Eco-friendly, beautiful and sustainable

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