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Your project

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Sanitation Garden 10

Inspired by observing natural environments, our system works like a wetland: the interaction between the different water, mineral and plant elements develops a very rich biodiversity, which is capable of digesting the nutrients present in the water and therefore able to clean dirty water.
Approved by the Ministries of Health and the Environment, our system treats all wastewater without a septic tank. It is quite simply a garden that takes in wastewater, hence its name, the Sanitation Garden.

Beyond approved systems for individuals, Aquatiris designs and manufactures phyto-purification systems for group accommodation, tourist accommodation, small communities and for all types of biodegradable effluent, such as agricultural, food and industrial effluents.


Your sanitation project

  • Individual: do you have to bring your old system (septic tank, etc.) up to standard or design a sanitation system?
  • Group: do you want to reduce the costs of your installation by pooling?
  • Tourism: are you looking for a sanitation system adapted to very large seasonal variations?
  • Agriculture: does your farm require a specific sanitation system linked to your home?

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