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Ten-year insurance

Sanitation Gardens Aquatiris are approved systems covered by ten-year insurance.

The installation of Sanitation Gardens requires specific knowledge. In accordance with ministerial approval, the work is carried out or monitored by Aquatiris experts and their network of trained installers.

In the case of self-installation, you carry out the installation yourself, following the instructions given by our local expert who will assist you by making several visits to the site. You will thus benefit from the ten-year insurance on the Sanitation Gardens Aquatiris design, but not on the installation of the system.


Aquatiris guarantee

Aquatiris has developed its own logistics platform to provide its network with the parts essential to the correct functioning of the installation. This means that you benefit from the same product quality and the same guarantees whether you are in Brittany, the Basque Country, Creuse or the south.
At the end of each project, our expert will carry out a quality control of the entire installation to verify the correct installation of the system and issue you an Aquatiris certificate attesting to the authenticity of the Sanitation Garden.

This quality control triggers the warranty of the parts supplied: two years parts and labour; warranty extended to ten years for parts only (except pumps and sanitary protection).

In the case of self-installation, the warranty only covers the Aquatiris parts, as the installation is carried out by you.

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