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Water at home

From the resource to the tap and from the tap to the natural environment: from the sea to the sky, then from the sky to the earth until it returns to the sea, water follows a natural cycle that is constantly renewed on the planet.

Using this children’s notebook:

– You have understood the importance of water

– You have identified the path of the small water cycle (journey that allows water to be used for human and daily consumption at home)

– You have become an eco-actor to better preserve the environment and nature


Step by step, your eco-actions will become habits and you will become an eco-actor!

Your shower hourglass is waiting for you

Favor the shower to the bath: you will save 70 to 120 L of water each time! To receive your hourglass in your mailbox allowing you to preserve water by taking 3-minute showers (like brushing your teeth), fill out the form here.

Do you remember phytopurification?

This is the ecological sanitation method used for the treatment of wastewater from the house! Here is a video explaining to you in two minutes how it works: