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For a group of houses

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Sanitation Garden 6

Group housing can be motivated by economic or practical reasons (you don’t have a garden but your neighbour has a large piece of land), or even by a passion for the environment.

We advise on the legal statutes that may apply to the group and offer concrete solutions

Our quality approach lies as much in the reliability of our products as in our commitment to you:

  • System approved by the Ministries of the Environment and Health
  • Sanitation tested and proven by the CSTB (Scientific and Technical Centre for Building) in extreme conditions (overload, underload, shutdown, restart, etc.)
  • Local support for all the stages of your project
  • Provision of a manufacturer’s certificate with a ten-year warranty
  • System eligible for various aids and grants, including the zero rate eco-loan.

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We put our expertise at the service of your project and support you locally from study to creation.