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Sanitation Garden

Is your individual sanitation no longer up to standard and you need to replace it? Are you building a house that is not connected to mains sewerage? Do you have an agricultural, semi-collective sanitation project for a holiday cottage, campsite, etc.?

Sanitation Garden 20

Our Roseaux Line

No tank · No emptying · No odour · No mosquitoes

  • System approved by the Ministries of the Environment and Health
  • Compact solution; low dedicated space
  • Reed bed
  • Several possible finishes (materials, ornaments, plants, etc.)
  • Made-to-measure
  • Beautiful and sustainable
  • Made in France
Confiance Aquatiris
Sanitation Garden 19


  • Adaptation to load variations (absence, second home, etc.)
  • No energy consumption or chemical reagents
  • Very low operating cost
  • No sludge to empty
  • Simple gardener-type maintenance
  • Landscape integration
  • Biodiversity garden
  • Eco-friendly, beautiful and sustainable


Sanitation Garden princip Roseaux

The reed filter is filled with gravel, chippings and sand, and constitutes a real colander for wastewater to pass through. All the soluble matter will be digested by the bacteria and microorganisms present in the sand around the roots of the reeds, while the insoluble matter will be retained on the surface, where it will compost.

The filter is in the open air to ensure treatment in the presence of oxygen and guarantee the absence of odours.
The water that comes out of this colander is treated and can return to the ground without danger.

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