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Longevity, lifespan

Longevity, lifespan

All the answers to your questions about sanitation and phyto-purification.

How long does the system last?

As long as there is wastewater to feed it. The lifespan of the system is estimated to be comparable to the lifespan of the house.

What happens in the event of a drought?

When you are present, you supply the filters with water and organic matter, so the channel retains a water supply even if the evapotranspiration is greater and the vegetation more demanding.

If, however, you are absent during a period of drought, the vegetation may suffer a little and the reeds may turn yellow, for example, but the recommended plants are very hardy and recover quickly.

In the event of prolonged absence during a heatwave, watering can be set up (like the plants in your garden) to avoid causing the plants prolonged water stress.

Does the sand need to be changed?

No, the sand does not need to be changed, unlike other systems.

Should the plants be changed? What is their lifespan?

No, the initial planting is quite dense and the plants regulate themselves.

Does it still work when it freezes?

In winter, the water supply throughout the day limits frost. In addition, if there is frost, it is only on the surface of the planted filters: bacterial life continues beneath the surface and, let us remember, it is the microorganisms that do the work. The same thing can be observed in conventional underground channels, such as spreading and sand filters: the topsoil that covers the installation may be frozen, but the microorganisms are still below. There is thus no more disadvantage with the plant channel. Finally, it should be noted that the aquatic plants installed are plants that are found naturally in bodies of water and are very resistant to frost.

However, it is true that microbial populations react in different ways depending on the temperature. To protect the surface of the planted filter, we recommend that you only cut dry plant parts at the end of winter (end of February, beginning of March) to leave a plant cover.

Does it work when I am not there?

The was tested in all conditions during its approval and the results obtained in the absence of wastewater are excellent.